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    July 10, 2018
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New mnortgage and home equity line of credit solutions with more flexibility and less fees. Peoples Select LOC Variable Rate HELOC with Three Fixed Rate Balance Conversions at one time Peoples Select MTG . Flat S500 Documentation Preparation Fee eoples Our new flexible products have ecurityFEE AND RATE ADVANTAGES| 888.868.3858 get you the loan you need. D Bank & Trust Est.1905 Member that will get you the loan you need (1) Peoples Security Select LOC is an interest only monthly, variable rate home equity line of credit which alows up to three fixed rate and payment balance conversion options at any one time during the draw period. Available to borrowers with a 1-4 family owner-occupied primary residence who may borrow up to 80% o their home's value. The Annual Percentage Rote APR) will vary based upon Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal, currently 5.00%, e ective June 14, 2018. A Peoples Security Bank & Trust checking occount with auto-draft of monthly payment is required. Other rates and terms are available. The line has a maximum draw period of 10 years with non-converted balances ot the end of the perlod converting to a 20 year variable APR repayment term. Conversion Option: During the draw period, the line oflows the borrower selected balances to be locked-in for short term periods. There is o 575 per lock-in conversion fee. Payments to the variable line and converted balance portions reducing principal will allow the ine of credit availability to increase up to the maximum amount granted. Fees to open this line of credit generally range between $0 and $750 in Pennsylvania and $0 and $3,250 in New York. Homeowners insurance is required. Flood insurance may be required as necessary. APR may not exceed 18% Maximum loan amount SS00 000. 2) Peoples Security Select MTG is available for st lien purchase and refinance 1-4 family owner-occupied primary residence tronsactions in amounts up to $500,000 with auto-draft from a Peoples Security checking occount. Borrow up to 80% o the property's value with short term financing. Other rates ond terms are available. Homeowners insurance required. Flood insurance may be required as necessory. Rates ore locked as of date of application for o 60-day period and are subject to market condition changes thereafter. (3) Document Preparation fee of $500. At underwriter's discretion, Title Insurance may be required at borrower's cost. (4) All loans subject to credit and collateral approvol. This offer is effective 6/14/18 and may be discontinued at any time without notice